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Many young people come to freelance because they don’t like the stuffy work environment. Others come to freelance because they think this is a high-paying job. So what is freelancing in essence that attracts young people today? Here, The Cloud Staff will help you decode the interesting things about this job. 
  1. What is freelance?

Freelance is a freelance job, suitable for students and older. Freelancers are called freelancers. They will take projects from businesses or individuals and agree on the work requirements and the right budget. When the two parties agree to the agreement, the freelancer will carry out the work for the business or individual who has hired them.

During their working time, freelancers are not limited in time, place and strict principles like office workers. The only thing they care about is the quality and the time to complete the project as agreed.

The trend of freelancing jobs is very popular, especially among young people and office workers looking for more income from overtime. There are also many people who consider freelancing as their main job 

Freelance jobs that are attracting freelancers include:

+ Web programming for games

+ Design flyer for website

+ Interior / exterior design for the restaurant

+ Designing labels and packaging for drinking water brands 

  1. Why should businesses hire freelancers for their projects?

2.1. Help companies solve HR problems

Have you ever wanted to hire only one employee for a short time on your project? If the answer is yes, then you already know how important freelancers are. They are the people who are ready to help you get the job done without having to become a full-time employee of the company.

2.2.Help the company save costs

Today, hiring freelancers is the trend of businesses. The nature of a freelancer is to only work for a short time and receive money from the project after finishing the work. Therefore, the company does not have to pay income expenses, health insurance, social insurance or unemployment allowance for freelancers.

2.3.Quality of work

It is not easy to freelance. Freelancers must have a background and work experience enough to convince businesses to trust and hire them. So the quality of freelancers will be very high and the output of the product will always be guaranteed. The client’s task is just to track the progress of the work and correct some small details if you feel dissatisfied. 

  1. The current state of freelance

The period of 2017-2020 is considered a golden age for startups with start-ups growing like mushrooms. Therefore, the need to hire freelancers is increasing. The reason is that start-ups will have limited budgets in employee hiring activities, so to save costs, these small and medium businesses will tend to find freelancers for their jobs instead. for hiring an official employee.

However, the “hot” and the rejection are always proportional to each other. In fact, when embarking on a profession, freelancers will be under a great pressure to satisfy customers’ needs. Because of that, in order to stabilize a freelancer’s income, they have to “re-create” themselves every day to keep up with industry trends. 

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